Getting rid of "Terminate batch job Y/N" while developing Node application on Windows

When you close Node application on Windows with Ctrl + C. You get a "Terminate batch job Y/N" question. The annoying part is that it doesn't matter what you answer, the end result will be the same: application closes.

Terminate batch job on Windows PowerShell

The question doesn't have any purpose on this particular case, so I started to investigate is there a setting or any other way to prevent it.

I found other frustrated people asking the same question:

Answers varied from hard-core solutions like patching the cmd.exe to bypassing the problem by hitting the Ctrl + C twice.

Solution that worked for me

The command that we use to start the application is quite long:

gulp build:frontend serve:frontend serve:account serve:connectors

We needed a shortcut for that and it had to be as platform agnostic as possible. We support multiple development environments (Windows & MacOS currently).

I created a shell script ( which can be used also in Windows PowerShell:

echo "Starting Dear Lucy dev environment"
gulp build:frontend serve:frontend serve:account serve:connectors

A "by-product" of this is that when you press Ctrl + C, you'll immediately exit the application.

Ctrl + C with

No more annoying questions and double Ctrl + C!