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Tatu Tamminen

Tatu Tamminen Independent Web Developer

I can help you on following:

  • Turn idea to a service
  • Help building a multidisciplinary team
  • Implement features that matter
  • Optimize page load and render times

Are you looking for someone who can help to build a Web-based service?

If so you are in the right place. I am an experienced Web developer, and I have a plenty of experience on cloud-based SaaS products.

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Efficient — with passion and ability that is rarely encountered. Tatu has great dialogue with design teams, is firm in his front-end skills, and challenges design decisions that will impact the performance and/or usability of large, highly important site.Mikko Kojo - Product Director at Sympa

Selected work

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Due Diligence solution for the 21st century ContractZen is the smartest way to manage your contracts, executive meetings and financial documents easily and securely.

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Sympa HR

The cloud-based, global human resources system, Sympa HR combines all HRM and HRD processes including recruitment into a single, logical entity.

Dear Lucy mock
Dear Lucy

Dear Lucy collects your key metrics from your business software, documents and peoples' heads into pretty dashboards showing you if you're hitting goals.


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